I iz Kraken! Me Me Meeeeeemes…

This is the fun tale of internet Kraken memes

Happy Halloween! I am not going to write much here, other than asking you to send us your own favourite Kraken memes.

Any self-respecting Kraken meme blog has to start with the infamous Kraken catch-call:

This is how it all started of course (Clash of the Titans)

Not to mention good ol’ Davey Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Even ol’ Commando in Chief apparently said it (not really)

And of course, this boss little fella

But, when it gets to real-life people, the memes often become a bit mean:

Then of course there’s the ultimate combo of Kraken and cat memes…

And finally, the hapless…


Beyond the easy, and rather lazy catch-phrase, we enter more creative territory:

Next up on the pun-tastic ladder, we get to the creative use of the word ‘cracking’:

Then of course we get to the cutest wee lil’ Kraken fellas:


Kraken humour, particularly puns:

This one’s very clever if you understand Scando lingo

Memes are fun, but sometimes they have more serious, and even political undertones. Seeing that Gorgons are the main enemies of the Kraken, I’m unsurprised that people “Released the Kraken!” using certain orange-hued world leaders.

Photo credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Not to mention that there is a whole political campaign to “elect the greater evil” in America:


And some got really dark…

Then, there are the Kraken cartoons:


Freedom: Sea Monster

DrPusSea’s favourite:

You can of course never go past the Kraken toilet humour:


And finally, of course, the Kraken gif:

Go on, send us more! There can NEVER be enough Kraken memes on the internets…

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